Special Info on Wizards

All wizards of Kel-Volkana are specialists, specialized in a school of magic. Only the Judge’s clergy may specialize in Necromancy. Since Necromancy is forbidden and illegal for any wizards other than the Knights of the Cold Watch, it is automatically the opposition school, and no other school needs to be chosen.

All wizards must also have an arcane bonded staff. Animal familiars are unknown. Additionally, there are some special qualities for these staves.

Each school of magic is associated with two minerals/gemstones. A staff must include at least the Lesser Stone. If the stone is the Greater Stone, then there’s some additional benefits. The wizard must spend 1000gp x level to attune the Greater Stone. The Greater Stone grants a +1 level modification metamagic feat to all specialty school spells cast through the staff. The metamagic feat must be chosen at the time of attunement, and cannot be changed. The wizard doesn’t have to know the feat themselves.

Abjuration – Tiger Eye/Amethyst
Conjuration – Malachite/Diamond
Divination – Moonstone/Pearl
Enchantment – Flourite/Emerald
Evocation – Citrine/Sapphire
Illusion – Quartz/Amber
Necromancy – Black Onyx/Peridot
Transmutation – Agate/Ruby

Special Info on Wizards

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