Gods and Religion

The Unification Church Gods

Name Alignment Domains Weapon
Father LG Good, Law, Nobility, Sun Spear
Mother NG Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant Club
Judge LN Healing, Law, Luck, Protection, Repose Bastard Sword
Warrior N Glory, Protection, Strength, War Battleaxe
Destroyer CN Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Trickery Greataxe
Magus LN Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune Quarterstaff
Merchant N Community, Knowledge, Protection, Travel Rapier
Trickster CN Charm, Chaos, Luck, Trickery Short Sword
Stormlord N Air, Destruction, Water, Weather Bow
Smith LN Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge Warhammer
Lovers CG Charm, Community, Good, Protection Longsword
Reaper E Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil Flail


The Father is the bringer of justice, order, civilization and holding the chaos at bay, patron to leaders and nobles everywhere.

The Mother is the patron of nature. Mother wants to nurture and provide for all.

The Judge is a protector of the innocent, punisher of the guilty, guardian of the dead, and the one to see that all the universe is in balance.

The Warrior is the patron of war, fighting, mercenaries.

The Destroyer is a random element of the chaos from which the Father formed the universe. The Destroyer’s goal is to return the universe to the chaos from which it came.

The Magus is patron of magic, knowledge, and secrets. The enmity between the Magus and the Trickster is as deep as the hate between the Father and the Destroyer.

The Merchant is the mediator of knowledge, and indeed all things, the patron of travelers, explorers, teachers, and (of course) merchants. The Merchant has invented a few things (like money), but prefers to trade the secrets of others.

The Trickster is also the god of knowledge, but of science. While the Magus wants knowledge to be doled out to those who have earned the privilege, the Trickster wants knowledge to be free to all. The Trickster is a thief, stealing from the Magus and spreading the knowledge about.

The Stormlord represents the weather and the destructive elements of nature.

The Smith is patron to the smiths, engineers, and mechanics. The Smith and his priests take all the wild, crazy ideas of the Trickster and builds practical, usable items. He uses magic and technology in equal measure. He also represents the tearing apart of Nature, rebuilding it in his own image. For this the Mother resents the Smith for destroying her creations either for parts or as a consequence of other processes.

The Lovers are the patrons of the home, art and entertainment, and love. Their priests are guardians, protectors, and keepers of the hearth.

The Reaper is the patron of suffering, random violence, destruction and the undead.

Gods and Religion

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